5/10/17 May Tarpon Fishing Islamorada Full Day

Got back on the full day routine today and we had a much better day.  We found tarpon right off the bat and caught one and lost one in the first 30 minutes of the day.  Plenty of shark activity too.  After the tide died we ran out in search of more tarpon off the mainland but didn’t see a whole lot.  A few jumpers off in the distance, tried to track them down, but never had any bites aside from a few more sharks.  We hit another area on the way in from there and it just looked so pretty… Nice incoming tide with green water.  We saw a school of permit float by but couldn’t get them to bite!  Then we hooked double header tarpon which was chaos for a bit, but we landed both fish thankfully.  Then had a few cobias swim up to the boat too but they were spooked by my trolling motor before we could get a rod in our hands.  Then we caught another tarpon and a few more sharks!  Great day compared to the last couple, but nowadays I really like having the full days as you get to fish different areas, different tides, etc…  From here on out I recommend a 3/4 or full day for anyone looking for tarpon through the summer.  4 for 5

Capt. Rick Stanczyk