5/9/17 Half Day Tarpon Fishing Florida Keys in May

Tough day for us again today.  Worked hard at it yesterday I spent 2 hours catching mullet which have been very difficult to get, but was able to catch about 70 or so though I had to split half of them with my bait catching partner.  I ran out into the backcountry for our half day which I normally don’t do but since the fishing was so slow locally I figured we’d have a better shot.  Didn’t see a whole lot for tarpon out there even though it was slick calm, the fish must’ve gotten pushed out with that cold front last weekend and just haven’t come back in yet… possibly due to the full moon I don’t know?  Anyways we saw a couple roll in the first hour and a half, that was it.  Tried moving around a bit.  We did catch several blacktip sharks which kept it interesting and got a nice hammerhead too.  When the tide turned and came in I stayed an extra 30 minutes, and a few tarpon did float by I could see and marked on my machine.  Though we didn’t get any bites but we did get a lemon shark and a sawfish!  So at least we had action and a variety of sea creatures, beats sitting around locally and possibly not catching anything.  Next couple days are full days so I’ll have time to fish some different areas on different tides and hopefully we’ll stumble into a few hungry tarpon.  I’m out of town Friday for a few days but will be back next Monday fishing a customer for 5 days straight for tarpon.  So hopefully it picks back up!  0 for 0

Capt. Rick Stanczyk