6/20/16 June Islamorada backcountry tarpon report

Somebody turned on the wind machine again today.  It was blowing 20-25 northeast!  Anyways I had some leftover bait from yesterday and we got out after tarpon early.  Saw only one in the channel where we had found a wad of them yesterday, though never had a bite after moving around a couple times aside from a barracuda that bit us off.  Tried another channel and we saw a tarpon roll right away nearby so we set up.  We hooked up a big nurse shark we landed, then had a strong hard zip which I think was a tarpon though never saw him jump.  Though 5 minutes later we did jump one.  Unfortunately neither of them stayed on the hook!  Anyways after that we fished a bit longer though things slowed down.  We finished up the day catching some big trout and mangrove snappers, and got a couple snook to finish!  0 for 2

Capt. Rick Stanczyk