3/11/24 Late cold front in March but still caught some tarpon!

Had good long time repeat customer Irv out today for some tarpon fishing in March.  We had a weak late cold front come through over the weekend.  It blew good out of the south on saturday, then west yesterday, then north today, all 15-20mph little bit windier.  Though that is not unusual wind for March.  Thankfully the temperatures didn’t really drop at all we just got the dryer air out of the north.  I was a little worried the tarpon would be tough out back sometimes they can get put off with a weather change like this.  But you really don’t know unless you get out there.  I did hear the fishing was a little tougher over the weekend but with the wind directions they had it made it pretty tough where we’d been finding the tarpon.  With the north wind today it wasn’t too bad out there honestly.  We made the trek back there and we had a load of bait I had caught yesterday afternoon so we were in good shape.  We had falling tide most of the morning and the water was pretty muddy.  Saw a few tarpon bust as soon as we got out in the area.  No big groups of concentrated fish just everything spread out.  But sure enough we started fishing and working around and we caught one.  Moved a few times after that and about an hour later we got another one.  Also a hammerhead shark and a lemon shark which was cool.  The tide quite around 11:00 and we made a bigger move just to check some different areas but didn’t see much.  We wound up going back to the same general area we had our morning action and once the tide changed we ended up catching one more tarpon.  So not bad for not so great of conditions 3 tarpon for Irv!  Looks like the rest of the week is moderate easterly wind so it should be ideal conditions.  Capt. Trent had a big day today too they said they caught 5 tarpon fishing locally, a few big ones and he got into some juveniles too.  So great to hear that!  If you are wanting to get out short notice, Capt. Trent is available for evening trips now too and not many boats are out that time of day so you can have it to yourself and also book a little more short notice to see what the conditions are going to be.

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
Instagram: @richardstanczyk
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