4/11/14 Islamorada morning and evening tarpon report

Well fished a full day and night trip tonight.  Long day!  We tarpon fished this morning for a few hours.  Had some action at the bridges.  Several ‘cheap shots’ and fish flashing on the baits.  They weren’t really happy and didn’t seem to want to bite.  Though after moving around a bit we finally got a couple really interested.  Both at the same time – double header!  We had one go immediately under the boat and to the side which we jumped off.  The other one hit right about then and we chased him through the bridge about 15 times.  We finally got the leader on him for a technical release, though he wasn’t ready to give up totally.  We chased him some more and unfortunately he got us under part of the bridge where the boat cant go.  Oh well nice fight and a catch!  The bite slowed after that as did the tide, and we did some other stuff.  This evening we had the last of the falling tide early and had a bite right away that we missed unfortunately.  Caught a few sharks, and saw a few fish on the bottom but not many rolling.  I looked around several areas and it was pretty slow most people had not much to report, just a few bites and nobody fighting fish.  So we ran back up near home and tried and finally got a nice fish to stick around 7:30.  A big 90 lber we fought until dark and released on a live mullet.  We had to put our time in but it paid off!

Capt. Rick Stanczyk