2/21/17 February Tarpon Report in the Everglades

Gave the tarpon a shot today it wasn’t a priority fish but sharks were, though I knew we’d had a shot at getting tarpon too.  The winds were north in the morning, not my favorite for tarpon fishing, though turned east later in the day.  We didn’t find any tarpon where they had been the last week or so, just a bunch of sharks and did get a few sawfish too.  So I ended up looking out off of some mainland areas where I hadn’t been yet this year for tarpon.  We found a pile of them, almost as far as you could see they were rolling and busting a little bit!  We gave it an hour and caught plenty of sharks, and did have a couple tarpon bites thankfully, but they just didn’t want to stay on the hook!  At least we had a couple shots though.  After that we did some light tackle mackerel fishing to end the day.  I’m off tomorrow and it looks like it’s going to be nasty anyways, rain and windy, so good to have it off.  Thursday I’ll be back at it, we have a little bit of a west breeze though so that may not be very good for tarpon fishing but I may end up giving it a shot, we’ll see what they want to do!  0 for 2

Capt. Rick Stanczyk