2/3/14 February early season tarpon

Well did a bit more tarpon fishing today around islamorada.  We fished down near channel 2 bridge tarpon fishing.  In the morning we fished the patches out front for dinner.  Then near mid day we looked for mullet muds which were plentiful just a few miles back in the bay.  We drifted in and in a few throws had a couple dozen mullet.  Perfect bait for tarpon.  We set up with the trolling motor near where we were seeing rolling fish.  Never had a strike on the live baits, but jumped one off on the dead bottom bait.  We were patient and the tide nearly quit, we moved a little bit further over where we had seen a fish roll last.  All of a sudden a 130 lb tarpon goes airborne and we have her on!  Tough fish we fought for over an hour, took us through the bridge and in between multiple pilings.  Almost cut us off and did frey the wind on leader pretty bad on barnacles.  But we got the technical release and the fish boatside for just a few seconds before the leader finally broke.  A true battle with the silver king!

Capt. Rick Stanczyk