2/5/14 February Tarpon Fishing in the Florida Keys

Well gave ’em a break yesterday but we tarpon fished again today.  We loaded up on mullet and fished in the backcountry.  First couple baits in the water after 10 minutes we had a nice 90 lb fish hooked up which we fought and brought to the boat though he jumped off on the leader.  The fish lately are not cooperating well for boatside pictures!!  After that the blacktip sharks were horrendous again we caught over a dozen plus many more cut us off.  Tried a couple other areas and no luck, lots of grass/weed with the south wind.  Came back around town near channel 2 in islamorada and the current was ripping and lots of sargasm weed being blowin in with the south wind.  We fished for a bit, caught a big nurse shark, but no signs of tarpon so we came in early on a 3/4 day.  But still lots of fun, good action with sharks, and a big tarpon – beats where these guys came from where it was -13 degrees!!!

Capt. Rick Stanczyk