2/6/14 More early february tarpon fishing in islamorada

Well had the same crew from yesterday, different anglers though.  They wanted to get some tarpon too.  We saved our mullets on ice from the previous day and went into the backcountry.  Hit some different grounds this time and it paid off.  The grassy weed I was worried about wasn’t too bad, we saw fish rolling as soon as we got there.  Tide was slack so not a lot of action to start.  But after an hour we hooked a nice tarpon which we chased and caught.  The blacktips started getting our baits, though not as bad as the other day at least.  Eventually we hooked into another tarpon too which we chased and jumped off boatside, which was very exciting!  More sharks after that and the boys wanted to head in early as they had a late night.  Fishing them again tomorrow maybe we will do something else, or maybe we will look for the big boys again – have to wait and see!

Capt. Rick Stanczyk