4/30/16 April Tarpon Fishing Half day and Evening

This morning we fished a half day for tarpon locally.  We had the tide change early and fished around the bridges.  We did find a few fish rolling and set up on them.  We had a few cheap shots fairly quickly and did have a tarpon grab and scale the mullet but didn’t really eat it, a weak bite.  After the tide started falling we didn’t see much but saw some fish laying on the bottom.  I readjusted the boat and we got in front of them and hooked a nice mutton snapper on the bottom that a big cuda ate.  We got the cuda up to the boat and then a tarpon ate our surface bait and we cut him off quick to chase the tarpon.  Landed a nice 40 lb tarpon!  After that things slowed down we ran back near home and tried one of the local channels.  We soon had a tarpon up again after the live bait and hooked and caught him another fish of 40 lbs or so.  Fun morning glad to have gotten a couple as it’s been very tough lately not many fish around we need another push.  2 for 3

This evening I was trying to get Dean from Australia a tarpon.  We left out a little before 4 and checked some local areas not seeing much.  I ran back down to the bridge where we found them this morning.  Didn’t see much but we fished under the bridge with the last couple hours of incoming tide.  Saw a few fish roll and we had very nervous baits but never any busts or bites.  Did have a couple cudas eat us though.  Anyways we moved back into the bay and saw more fish rolling and busting here and there.  Never got a bite out of them though.  Only saw a couple fish hooked by 7:30 so it was very slow.  Then saw another 3 or so fish get hooked by 8:00 and thought it was going to start getting good, but that was about all that I saw out of the 30+ boats down there.  Anyway I put in the extra effort and we fished another channel near home staying late and finally had one crush a crab but we didn’t hook him unfortunately.  Anyways tough night but we gave it 110%.  0 for 1

Capt. Rick Stanczyk