7/1/14 July Islamorada Tarpon Fishing Report

Well July is here and I had an evening tarpon fishing trip tonight.  I caught some mullet this morning, they are not very easy to find especially locally around islamorada.  But I was lucky and loaded up on them.  Anyways we ran down the way to Ch 5 and Ch 2 but not much action down there.  We fished a couple spots for a while, and looked at a few other spots.  Falling tide and west wind, kinda strange wind this time of year.  But I did not see a fish roll nor did I see any laid up on the bottom on the other spots I skimmed by.  We ran back near home and fished some mullets and soon we had a nice fish on of 80 lbs or so.  He would not give up and we had him on the leader several times, trying to break his will to get a good picture, but he eventually got us into some structure under one of the bridges and cut us off.  We went back and soon hooked another tarpon.  Now its about 7:30 and we fought him and leadered him too.  I thought he would cooperate better but alas he popped off too.  Oh well we caught 2 out of 2 which for right now is not bad.  There aren’t a whole lot of fish around locally seems the big schools of migrators have moved on.  Maybe we will get some more?  Though local fish can still be good through into August.  I’m pretty much done with night trips I have one more later this week and that will be about it for me.  I may open up a few nights for short notice trips when I have plenty of bait from the previous day.  But it’s been a long and busy season.  Anyways drop me a line if your interested in going, if I’m not available I work with several other great tarpon fishing guides in the islamorada area.

Capt. Rick Stanczyk