7/2/14 July Tarpon Fishing in the Everglades Florida Keys

Today we fished back in the glades.  Suppose to be a full day trip but the rain chased us in early.  We caught mullet and fished a close by channel.  A few shark bites and then a nice size 90 lb tarpon.  Great show and crazy jumps.  We landed him and set back up.  Tide was about ready to quit, a few more shark bites and we moved.  Ran further to the west where the tide was already going out now.  A little choppy, hard moving tide right into a westerly breeze.  The tropical storm off the east coast of florida is sucking the weather that way.  We had another tarpon bite there and caught a couple more sharks but the tarpon got away.  Then the lightning chased us back towards home.  We tried a couple spots without much luck, then in the last spot we were about to head in early and we had a bite!  Another nice size 80 lb tarpon.  Put on a good show we got him to the boat and then popped him off, right before the rain started to get us again.  So 2 for 3 not too shabby.

Capt. Rick Stanczyk