6/3/13 More rainy days but tarpon still around

Well we are supposedly in for more rain and have had a bit the last couple days.  Very unusual weather for june these prolonged rainy days.  Today we tarpon fished all day and saw plenty of fish though they were not biting well.  We did catch 1 nice 100 lb fish on dead bait and had a another solid bite on a bottom rod that we are not sure what it was but likely a tarpon as it just scaled the mullet.  We had a few ‘cheap shots’ on surface live mullets but never got the actual bait.  Yesterday I did not tarpon fish but the day before we did give it an hour in the morning before doing other stuff and did get about a 60 lb tarpon to start the day again on dead bait.  Right now the best bet for tarpon fishing in islamorada is catching the falling tide either later in the evening (from 7:00 on) or early in the morning (before day break).  I am pretty booked up through June though have some evenings available and a handful of mornings.  July can still be great tarpon fishing if your interested in tarpon fishing in July drop me a line.  I am not fishing every day then so I am open to doing later evenings or early morning trips to get you on the ‘hot bite.’

Capt. Rick Stanczyk