Cool Tarpon Video we recently shot!

Fished with my dad and my new Capt. Stephen last week.  This was right after a day when they were chewin’ there butts off.  We worked hard to catch a couple… but that’s how tarpon fishing goes!  This video was shot by Landon our new videographer and he’ll be riding with me on occasion making videos like this.

This week we tarpon fished a couple days.  We had a crazy windstorm event on Sunday with 30+ mph winds that really stirred things up.  Monday was much nicer but a bit of a northwest breeze and things cool off believe it or not.  Tarpon weren’t super happy but we managed to catch a couple out of 3 or so bites I think.  Hard day where we had to grind but had the bridges to ourselves more or less.  Tuesday was slicked out flat calm.  Things started a little slow for us but we saw tarpon rolling everywhere.  After some persistence and jumping around a bit for an hour or so we started getting bit.  A few good rallies here & there and we ended up getting 4 tarpon to the leader.  None boatside unfortunately but close.  I think we had 8 or so bites total so pretty good fishing overall and again hardly a sole fishing at the bridge which was nice.  Today I had my same anglers from the previous day and even though I’m not usually doing anything but tarpon fishing now this time of year I did give them the option to try permit fishing in the gulf as it was one of my regulars who hadn’t had that opportunity before.  We didn’t have super good conditions but we had pretty good fishing landing 3 permit and losing a few others to sharks and breakoffs.  I have a few days open left in May I really can’t say what to expect at this point but there are still a good number of fish around and the bridges are generally not too busy as lots of guides are doing other things so at least you have that going for you.  Capt. Trentin has plenty of dates available too and has been catching fish too and doing a little different routine fishing some local canals and stuff.

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
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Here’s the YouTube video from last week.  If you really would like our videographer to ride along on your fishing day let me know.  I’ll be asking my regulars and clients when it’s only one or two people on occasion, but if you want to request it I’ll see if I can make it happen.


And also here are a few clips from this weeks action…