5/27/16 Late May Everglades Tarpon Fishing Report

I was out with Gary over from the UK this morning we had a full day for some tarpon fishing.  I was able to buy a bit of bait to get started with yesterday afternoon though of course it was much more catchable in the morning too.  Winds were east again still a little breezy but not crazy.  Anyways we did the same loop we did the previous day but today the fish were much more cooperative.  We jumped a tarpon within the first 5 minutes of fishing, then a few minutes later hooked one that we landed a nice 80 lber or so.  After that we fished a bit longer as the tide quit but not much other action.  We ran further out west to catch the start of the falling tide and tried another channel.  Not much there but we only gave it 20 minutes or so.  We ran to a different channel and set up and we had jumped another tarpon soon after that.  We eventually landed another tarpon, jumped another one, and got a technical release on another as we got leader to the tip but then he jumped and spit the hook.  We also caught plenty of blacktip sharks, a cobia, and a ‘mud marlin’.  It was a great day on the water hopefully fishing stays like this!  3 for 6

Capt. Rick Stanczyk