4/15/18 Tarpon Fishing Half Day Islamorada Charter

Got out with Allen and Stuart today, day two of our group trip with two other boats.  Bait’s been tough but we obtained a little yesterday afternoon.  Winds were kicking hard south with a front approaching this evening.  But the morning wasn’t bad just a bit windy.  One of the boats got in on a hungry pack of fish early and called us down.  We were the odd man out though, we were right in the middle of the two other boats with fish surrounding us.  We couldn’t get a bite though only bonnethead sharks!  The boats on either side of us each caught two.  We moved around a bit and finally when one of the boats hooked their second, they called us over and we just sat on their anchor ball.  We did get hooked up here finally – a big 150 lber!  Good fight and very acrobatic fish!  We got some good pictures boatside and released her unharmed.  We moved back into the area, and both the other boats hooked up again, one ended up catching three and another caught four.  We didn’t have another bite.  We even slid in where the other boats were as they moved to let us in since we were all fishing the same group.  But we had the bad mojo I guess.  Anyways I won’t say it was too bad as we did catch one, and a big one at that.  But just one of those days where we were in the dog house so to say!  Anyways I’m probably jinxing myself especially with the late cold front coming, but it’s been 18 trips in a row with landing at least one tarpon.  So I’ve been consistent if nothing else and I’ll usually always take that.  Back at it tomorrow but we do have lots of rain coming in tonight, but hopefully it’ll dry out by early morning.  1 for 1

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
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