8/21/15 August Tarpon Fishing in Flamingo

Back at it again today I had Chris and Alix out fishing this morning.  We left out early and ran into the backcountry.  Caught bait on the way it was real easy one throw and we caught 50 mullets.  We tried some channels close by where I had caught a fish yesterday morning.  Though this morning no luck we did see a tarpon roll nearby while we were fishing, but no bites out of him all we caught was a little bonnet head shark.  After a half hour or so I ran towards flamingo where we had seen some fish yesterday before heading home around 11:00.  That was on the falling tide and this morning we had the last hour and a half of incoming tide.  We set up and soon after I saw multiple fish rolling on the surface down the channel.  We moved 100 yards down and set up and within a minute Chris was hooked up to a nice 30 lb tarpon.  We landed him he only jumped once late in the fight.  After that we set back up and we hooked another nicer size fish.  We got him near the boat a few times though he made one more blistering run and unfortunately jumped and must of gotten the line wrapped around him funny as he went through the leader.  The picture below is of this fish and you can see the line snap as he jumps!  Next up Alix had a big sting ray on and while fighting that the rod in the holder went off with another tarpon, though again that one broke off somehow the line had gotten tip wrapped.  A little string of bad luck was frustrating.  Though we broke the curse and right on the change of the tide Alix hooked up a nice 50 lb tarpon and we got a good fight out of it and she landed it.   By the time we got back and set up the tide had switched we saw a few more tarpon roll though they appeared to be going out of the channel with the tide as we quit seeing them soon after.  We did catch a couple big blacktip sharks and then a big lemon shark before calling it a day.  Good fishing still this late in August all it takes is to get into the right channel with the right school of fish and it is game on!  Taking some friends tomorrow for tarpon and then have a couple trips on sunday and monday, though not sure what is going to happen with this hurricane out there.  May be a slow week we will see, but if you are in town and looking to go next week drop me a line!  2 for 4

Capt. Rick Stanczyk