8/20/15 August Tarpon Fishing Florida Keys

At it again today fishing for the tarpon in the backcountry.  We got out early and on the bait pretty good, one throw and we had a net full of mullet.  Tried some of the local channels close by to the bait area and we were lucky and hooked a nice tarpon in about 10 minutes.  Landed him a good 40 lber and had a few more shark bites.  After the tide quit we ran out west off the beach to take a look.  Though not much action out there at all today just a couple shark bites, did not see any busting or jumping fish, no rollers, no nothing.  Funny the conditions looked much better today than yesterday but just nothing out there.  Anyways we caught a few sharks and then ran back around flamingo to try the channels there.  We caught a couple lemon sharks and then saw a few tarpon rolling travelling down the channel.  Those ones were moving out but there were a handful hanging out in the channel and we eventually got a bite out of one a few minutes before it was time to go, though unfortunately he didn’t stay on the hook.  Anyways great day John got to catch his first tarpon and plenty of shark activity for the rest.  1 for 2

Capt. Rick Stanczyk