8/19/15 Everglades Tarpon Action out of Islamorada in August

I had Keith and his son Zack out today for some tarpon fishing in Islamorada.  We fished a 3/4 day getting out early a little before daybreak.  We were able to get a good throw on some mullet and caught plenty of bait to make our day with.  We fished the last of the incoming tide around Flamingo hitting some channels where there had been some fish in the last week.  The wind was cranking pretty good out of the south, especially for this time of year.  Not much as far as tarpon action there though we did get a big blacktip shark and a big lemon.  As the tide started to quit we worked our way out west towards the gulf.  I saw a free jumping fish and another bust near a shallow bank and we set up there to fish.  A big blacktip bit us off and then we moved a bit further down where some more busting was going on, though nothing but sharks gave us any love.  After that we worked our way further out to the fertile grounds where there had been good tarpon fishing the last few weeks.  We saw a few free jumping fish and tried to set up on them, though again nothing but sharks would bite for us.  We moved a couple times and I finally just went and sat on my numbers for the last 30 minutes.  As fate would have it we got lucky and Zack hooked a nice 50 lb fish we fought and landed.  He got some good boatside pictures and that was a wrap.  Hard work and perseverance paid off, the guys wanted to fish again tomorrow though unfortunately I wasn’t available though I made sure they were put in good hands with a fellow guide.  1 for 1

Capt. Rick Stanczyk