7/30/16 + 8/1/16 August tarpon fishing in Islamorada

7/30/16 We got out early for some tarpon fishing.  I had some leftover bait so we were in good shape on that front.  The bait hasn’t been easy to get first thing in the morning, later on the incoming tide though there has been tons around.  So we often need to spend a little time later in the trip to resupply.  Anyways we caught 1 nice tarpon early around flamingo, had to move around a little but found a small group of fish in one of the channels.  Also caught some lemon sharks, rays, and blacktips.  After the tide turned we fished some other channels and found a good load of tarpon.  We caught another one a nice big 80 lb fish ( the other being 60ish).  Plus plenty more blacktips sharks.  And that was about the day we caught a little more bait before heading home for the following day.  2 for 2

8/1/16 – Today was very similar to yesterday though the winds started howling, blowing a solid 25 mph by late morning.  We found the tarpon in the same area as yesterday morning.  We ended up catching a couple and losing one more, plus plenty of sharks again including blacktips, lemon, and bonnetheads.  After the tide quit we tried to catch a few trout for dinner but with the ripping winds the bay was very muddy and not much activity doing that so we called it a day.  Anyways another great day landing a couple tarpon!  2 for 3

Capt. Rick Stanczyk