8/3/16 August tarpon fishing in the Florida Keys

Tough fishing today we had torrential downpours for hours early in the morning, though it did dry up by the time we left the dock.  Anyways the water temperatures dipped down to the low 80s, which sounds plenty warm but when it goes from being 88 degrees to that, the fish can act funny.  Plus the salinity of the water changes and can often get ‘mudded out’ in certain areas.  Anyways we didn’t see much for tarpon early I fished several different areas and scouted several others just hoping to see some rolling.  Eventually around 10:00 we finally saw one but no bite, we caught a few sharks.  Finally we caught the tide change and a handful of fish did start showing though they were doing the ‘high tail slap’ where they slap the water and just look like they are not happy.  Which they were we couldn’t get them to respond at all, though we did start catching plenty of blacktip sharks.  Anyways tough day hopefully now that the rain/weather is gone things will get a little better.  Hopefully the wind will lay down and another strong push of fish will show up before September!  0 for 0

Capt. Rick Stanczyk