5/16/17 May Florida Keys Full Day Tarpon Fishing Report

Got out with Pete and crew again today.  We left early and ran straight out back since I had caught bait yesterday afternoon.  We hit the tide change though we found a ton of tarpon…  Even with no current/tide we managed a couple bites and caught both of them!  The tide took its time changing, and turned out to be fairly weak.  We moved around a bit afterwards, and made quite a few moves before finding the fish again… They really seemed to spread out once the tide started to move and sun came up more.  After a little ride we settled back a few hundred yards down from where we started and found a body of fish.  We managed a couple more bites and landed both, and also got a big tripletail on the tarpon bait which was cool!  Plenty of sharks while doing all of the above.  The winds kicked up around 11 AM, and it’s suppose to blow pretty good through the weekend… I’m sure this will likely slow the fishing down a little bit.  Maybe tomorrow they’ll still be there, I hope so!  Have the same crew for the next 3 days so hopefully we can keep them on the fish.  4 for 4

Capt. Rick Stanczyk