5/17/17 Full Day May Florida Keys Fishing for Tarpon

Got out for a full day with Pete and crew again today.  The winds kicked up good last night and it was howling 25 mph today out of the east.  We ran into the backcountry and tried the channels early.  It was pretty muddy and had the last couple hours of incoming tide.  Nothing but sharks in the first stop, then nothing at all in the second stop.  We ventured out off the mainland to give it a whirl out there since we’d seen a good amount of fish their the last couple days.  Didn’t see much with our eyes, but did end up catching one thankfully and got one more shark.  Moved once and nothing after that.  We tried inside the big canal off the cape for the last bit, and had a  couple shark bites, and that was all she wrote.  Was glad to get one on a windy day like today, two more days with the boys I think we may stay local tomorrow.  Fishing got tough and will probably stay that way until the wind lays down a little, hopefully we can make it happen again.  1 for 1

Capt. Rick Stanczyk