5/7/16 May morning and evening tarpon fishing report

Got out for an early morning and an evening trip today.  The wind was howling this morning 20 out of the northwest and it was cold for May… in the high 60s I’d say.  Very chilly on the water!  Anyways we had a ripping falling tide with the wind behind it so our drifts were very short.  We tried the local channels first and not much happening there.  So I ran down to the bigger bridges and we drifted.  Not much either on the first 3 drifts and I was a little worried.  But we finally hooked a fish at about 6:15 and landed him in 20 minutes or so.  A nice 90 lber for Jason.  After that we didn’t get much more action the tide changed quickly and we saw a few fish roll at sunrise but no more bites.  I heard it was very tough fishing during the day.  1 for 1

Winds laid down this evening it was maybe 10 mph out of the northwest and slicked off flat calm by 6:30.  Early we drifted where we were this morning saw a handful of fish but no bites.  We anchored a while and fished our mullets and had a fish roll nearby but still no love.  We fished the channels near home to end it and saw a bunch of fish rolling and waited it out.  Sometimes when it slicks off they can be tough to get to bite.  Finally around sunset a tarpon ate our crab and we caught him.  Another fish close to 90 lbs for Don.  Great way to end the night, this year especially it’s always good to catch one.  Going early again tomorrow I think conditions will be a little better if it stays calm, there were  a lot of fish in the local channels from what I heard from the rest of the fleet, so will try that first.  1 for 1

Capt. Rick Stanczyk