6/28/17 Florida Keys Tarpon Fishing in June

Got out for a full day today with Jeff and his son, tarpon were on the target list as well as snook.  We focused on tarpon early I had some leftover bait from a couple days ago but caught a bit of fresh on the way too.  It was a nice flat calm summer day and we found a horde of tarpon in the channels.  Hadn’t fished there much yet this year but had a report that they had shown up in this area, they were right!  We didn’t have much action early though I moved 3 times and we had fish rolling all around us, finally after I was almost ready to call it we got a bite we missed, then hooked one that we got to the boat but didn’t get pictures of because the hook pulled while we had him on the leader.  We moved again one more time and had the last trickle of incoming tide.  We caught one that we got to the boat again but as I grabbed the leader he made a move under the boat and popped off on the motor, but we did get a few good jump shots with him at least.  Finally Jeff got one that we got to the boat properly and actually cooperated for some boatside pictures!  Anyways glad we waited ’em out.  There looked to be more tarpon when I left a little ways outside the channel, I’m sure i’ll check that out tomorrow.  We finished the day catching some trout and then caught a nice half dozen snook.  Back at it tomorrow then out of town until the 4th!  3 for 4

Capt. Rick Stanczyk