9/17/15 September Tarpon Fishing in Flamingo

Got out today my anglers wanted to try to catch a tarpon.  It’s been crappy weather yesterday was rain all day long.  Today was suppose to be more of the same but luckily it wasn’t too bad.  It was over cast with scattered showers but never found us.  We were able to crush the mullet on the way back and fish some of the channels.  A few shark bites early we caught a nice little bull and a big blacktip.  Good to see some sharks biting again they’ve been tough to catch too.  The water seemed to have chilled down a good bit with all the rain and overcast the other day.  Anyways soon after that we hooked a big tarpon and had quite a battle of 30 minutes or so, and Bob landed this nice fish probably close to 100 lbs a good 85 or 90 at least.  Was much bigger than we originally thought.  Anyways after that we lost another shark and then ran out west to try off the beaches.  We caught a shark and hooked another shark we pulled off.  Then I had some boat trouble wasn’t able to get started luckily we were able to get a tow in had to wait a couple hours but didn’t get hammered with rain and were able to catch a few big ladyfish, catfish, and a couple nice pompano while we waited.  Of course back at the dock it was an easy fix there was a fuse I missed and we got things working again – definitely remember that one in the future!  So my customers had a good story to go along with their nice tarpon!  1 for 1

Capt. Rick Stanczyk