9/12/15 September Tarpon Fishing in Islamorada

Back at it again today i had the same crew from a couple days ago.  We had bait stocked up from the other day and went right to the channels we found fish in the other day.  We fished for about 30 minutes but did not see much for signs of life, no bites.  Though I did see what I thought was possibly a few fish splashing a couple hundred yards up the channel.  We idled up there and set up and sure enough saw a few fish start to roll around us.  We hooked a fish soon after though unfortunately jumped him off, then about 10 minutes later we hooked one that we landed.  While fighting him we did hook another one and briefly had a double header hooked up, though the 2nd one got away.  After that the fish seemed to quit, we saw them busting out at the end of the channel where we started, so I moved back up there, but they seemed to be on their way out, no other action.  We checked around a couple other spots, rain was a factor so we didn’t fish one area.  We then headed near flamingo to try some areas and set up, within 20 minutes we saw a big fish roll, and about 10 minutes later we hooked him.  A nice fish about 100 lbs he put on a very good fight.  We had one other possible bite, something picked up a bait and dropped it.  After that we moved out front to catch the start of the incoming tide.  We set up and fished the last hour, had one good bite we are not sure what it was, and about 10 minutes before we left a tarpon came up behind the boat rolling, but we never hooked him and that was the last of our bait and time to go home.  Anyways landing a couple tarpon in September is a great day!  2 for 4

Capt. Rick Stanczyk