4/7/18 April Florida Keys tarpon fishing report full day

Got out with Andrew and his son Elliot for a full day tarpon fishing charter.  We headed out back where we’ve been going lately.  Lots of fish early in the channels, but many sharks as well!  We got a nice 85 lber for Elliot to start the day though.  Then some sharks.  Jumped another fish very quickly and had to move due to sharks.  Got another tarpon bite we missed again, both those bites they sucked the bait in and blew it out very quickly didn’t even feel the line get tight before they jumped and threw the bait/hook.  After that the sharks just got too bad.  We moved around and things were slow for a little while.  Long slack tide and just not nearly as many fish around as there was a few days ago.  But the wind was kicking south which I never like, definitely looked a little muddier and just not as good as it was.  We eventually got on another pack of fish and had a couple more bites.  Elliot caught one more 35 lb tarpon and jumped another.  A few more sharks and that was all she wrote.  Back at it tomorrow with my guys from yesterday.  Doing a half day so will stick around the local bridges and channels.  I heard the bite was decent there today so I don’t think it’s worth running out back for a couple hours of fishing.  2 for 5

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
Instagram: @richardstanczyk
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