4/8/18 April half day islamorada bridge tarpon fishing

Got out with Buck and Carl again who fished with me the day before last.  We had a half day today fishing the local channels and bridges.  Winds let up a little bit light out of the southwest.  Not very strong tide.  Didn’t find a whole lot of fish the first few places we looked.  We found a few in one area where we tried but no bites.  Eventually got the call somebody was getting them at one of the other bridges.  We didn’t see much for activity on top but could see a few near the bridge.  We lined up and had to move around but eventually got a bite.  Carl had a nice one on but unfortunately he threw the hook.  We had the rod a little too much at a 90 degree angle and a little too much pressure on him.  We moved around again and this time Buck got one.  A nice 60 lber we had to chase around the bridge pilings for an exciting battle.  We got him to the boat several times but didn’t cooperate for a boat side picture, but an official catch none the less.  After that we didn’t get any more shots.  A handful of other fish were caught though one guy was lined up on them he caught a bunch.  But that’s how bridge fishing goes sometimes if you are the right boat in the right spot you can whack ’em, and everybody else has to watch!  Also can be annoying especially on the weekends with people fishing from the bridges too.  Anyways I’ll be back to my full day routine for the foreseeable future and fishing my usual areas.  The crowds seem to be dissipating back there thankfully!  1 for 2

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
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