6/20/17 Islamorada Tarpon Fishing in June Half Day

Got out with Christian and his dad Jim today over from Louisiana.  We had a full day scheduled but it was blowing 25 knots out of the south… very snotty so I said a half day would be best just sticking close by.  Most boats ended up cancelling today, so they agreed and want to get out so we went for it.  Ended up hooking a big 110 lb or so tarpon within the first 15 minutes!  Christian battled him well and caught him quickly within 20 minutes or so.  Got some good pictures and released her to fight another day.  After the the sharks moved in a little… some little blacktips, bonnetheads, and did get a nice 50 lb bull shark.  We moved a few times and didn’t have any more tarpon action.  I was limited on bait but we caught a dozen more mullet which was good.  We tried a couple more spots, the last one we saw a few tarpon roll and the tide had started to fall so I thought we might get another shot.  But unfortunately no we gave it a good 30 minutes and stayed a little longer since I knew they wanted to be out for the day, but it didn’t happen again for us.  Anyways the wind was still cranking and rain storms were moving through so time to go.  Glad to get one on a day like today!  Back at it tomorrow, the winds are suppose to die down to 10-15 through the weekend which will be much nicer.  Hopefully the tarpon get happier too!  1 for 1

Capt. Rick Stanczyk