9/21/15 September Tarpon Fishing Florida Keys

Got out today again for an all day trip.  Bait was pretty easy lots of big giant silver mullets on the last of the incoming tide in the backcountry.  We tried the channels near flamingo and saw a few fish rolling when we set up.  Unfortunately they were not very active in feeding we did have lots of shark action and after 45 minutes or so while fighting a big shark we had about 100 lb tarpon grab a bait, run for 5 seconds, jump, and throw the hook.  That was our only bite we moved up the channel and things died down as far as the shark action, saw a couple tarpon roll and thought we’d get another shot but it never happened as the tide died.  I ran out west off the beaches to look around and we tried a couple areas and had more good shark action, but no signs of tarpon out there.  Anyways we decided to switch gears and ran in to the creeks to snook fish and had a stellar last couple hours, catching close to 20 snook!  Their was tons of bait in the canals, big and little finger mullet.  I think this is the first signs of the ‘fall bait run’ and if we continue having some northerly breezes we should get some epic conditions for a few weeks.  This can go on all the way through October.  0 for 1

Capt. Rick Stanczyk