12/16/16 December tarpon fishing Islamorada

Got out today after being off for a week.  Was just fun fishing with dad.  But we came across a nice school of tarpon in one of the backcountry creeks in the everglades.  There has definitely been some around with as warm as it has been the last few weeks.  I just haven’t been fishing much and the few times I have, we’ve been doing other things.  Anyways as the tide came rolling in we had about 20 fish around us and we caught a nice 30 lber on a live shrimp.  Didn’t get pictures of him as he pulled the hook while we had him on the leader trying to net him.  But a definite catch none the less.  Anyways I am fishing a few more days here, then going out of town for xmas, but then will be back for the xmas week craziness.  Not sure if I will get after any more tarpon this year, but if it stays warm it is a possibility!  Gimme a shout if you are looking to go!  1 for 1

Capt. Rick Stanczyk