End of ‘tarpon season’

Figured I would announce the unofficial end of my ‘tarpon season.’  Tarpon of course can be caught all year long here in Islamorada, Florida.  However November through January is the least likely time due to the colder water temperatures and lack of numbers of fish.  Basically I don’t book tarpon trips in advance during this time but I am fishing for plenty of other things such as snook, redfish, drum, mackerel, cobia, porgies, hogfish, snapper, grouper, sharks, and more!  Now as I said it is still possible to catch them, and if we get a string of 85 degree days and the water temperatures get in the high 70s, some of the local resident tarpon can get happy and you can have shots at catching them.  However with the likelihood of cold fronts and inconsistency of the fishing, I really only target tarpon when the opportunities seem to present themselves, or I hear through my network of fishing buddies that they’ve seen or caught them.  So I won’t be doing a lot of fishing for tarpon or updating the site much for the next few months. You can keep up with my other fishing by reading my other fishing report blog, fishingislamorada.com.  I don’t update it as often as this, but I try to a couple times a month.  Of course I am still available for charter for plenty of other things, fall and winter is a fabulous time to fish here and we have lots of other great fishing going on aside from tarpon.  Drop me a line if your interested, and of course contact me if your looking to book a tarpon trip in 2015.  We usually start fishing for them again in February, though the best time is April thru August.

Capt. Rick Stanczyk