9/27/18 Late September Everglades Tarpon Fishing Charter

What a day with Todd and Farrah Mitchum! They were visiting from the Carolinas and were suppose to fish with me a couple weeks ago. The big hurricane changed our plans though and luckily we were able to reschedule for today. We headed out early and found some bait right away. Had to work at it but caught what we needed. Using our power pole anchor and barracuda tackle net we made quick work of the bait. We headed straight out where I had found some tarpon yesterday. Saw a signs of them in the area but didn’t seem to be a big concentration, so we set up and gave it a whirl. Nothing in the first stop so we shuffled around and then we got a few bites. First one zipped us and we weren’t sure what it was but seemed tarpon-like. Then Farrah hooked a fish that we fought for a couple minutes but came unbuttoned. Then she finally got one that stayed on there, a nice 60 lber good size fish! We got him to the boat for some good pictures. After that things seemed to slow down so we moved again. Tried another area that was pretty hot last week, but today we did not see much there. No bites so we packed it up fairly quickly as I wasn’t seeing what I wanted to. I got word from my buddy that some fish were in an area we found them yesterday afternoon, so we high tailed it over that way. We pulled in and saw some fish right away – just what I hoped! We set up and soon Farrah was hooked up again with a nice 40 lb fish that she caught. Then we missed a couple and then it was Todds turn. He got a nice 60 lb fish as well. He had told me he’d only ever gotten one to the boat before, so we took our time and chased the fish down, and were rewarded with some good release photos. We got back in position and it didn’t take long, Farrah hooked and landed another, then a final one to finish our day. She really had the hot rod today, though that’s no surprise women always seem to! What a fun day and so glad to see the fishing so strong it really has been an unbelievable September. Extra glad it was good for these clients as I know the stresses of dealing with a hurricane aftermath from last year! I’m off for the next couple days headed to Miami, then back to work on Sunday hopefully the fish keep chewing. We do look to have some wind coming which may change things up somewhat. The only good thing is it’s a good direction, northeast, which may not bother things at all. I hope not as we are suppose to do a TV show next week! Give me a shout if you are wanting to get out in October, I think we will still have some good fishing up until it starts to really get cold.  5 for 9

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
Instagram: @richardstanczyk
Facebook: Islamorada Tarpon Fishing