12/18/16 December tarpon fishing in the Everglades

Stumbled into some nice tarpon today.  We were fishing for mackerels in the gulf which was very good and then decided to hit some channels for some sharks and possibly other stuff.  Luckily the other stuff was there!  Winds were a little breezy but southeast and warm with 75 degree water temperatures.  We didn’t see any tarpon rolling but I did mark a few on the bottom machine so we changed our gear to be more suitable for a possible tarpon hookup.  We ended up jumping one, but a bit later hooked another that stayed on for us!  A nice 70 lb fish.  We also caught some sharks and a big mud marlin aka sawfish.  Anyways I think the ‘big stuff’ like this will hang around for a while as long as it stays warm.  I wouldn’t go betting the farm on it for your fishing trip, but if you have a day like today when you can mix it up and give it a shot during part of the day it can be well worth it.  1 for 2

Capt. Rick Stanczyk