9/30/15 Late September Florida Keys Tarpon Fishing

Haven’t updated in a while though I have not really been fishing much for tarpon lately.  I have gotten out a few days, some half days in the bays fishing for snapper.  That has been good action with some nice size mangrove snappers on cut bait.  We’ve also had a few good days snook fishing in the everglades and the bait run is continuing to push some big bait schools back there, leading to good fishing.  Today we ended up catching a tarpon at the end of the day, not really fishing for them but we stopped in a spot that i see some juveniles in once in a while.  We got lucky and hooked and caught a 20 lber, then jumped another one off.  Using live pilchards for bait.  Anyways it was a little rough to go look out off the beaches but I heard there had been some tarpon out there busting the big bait schools that are starting to show up.  Mid October is a good time for that sometimes, and it is right around the corner. 1 for 2