6/9/19 + 6/10/19 June Fishing for Tarpon in Islamorada Florida

6/9/19 – Got out with Erik, Dan, and Marc today.  Weather was very iffy, lots of rain and thunderstorms around.  But we ventured out back.  Bait had been tough to come by, even shrimp for our other styles of fishing.  Luckily I had some shrimp and pinfish put away.  We looked for mullet early but no luck.  So we decided to focus mostly on snook and redfish for the day.  We got rained on a good bit, and had to dodge some lightning storms, but eventually it got nice and we had a really good day catching a ton of redfish and good handful of snook.  We didn’t really try much for tarpon but did give it a shot for the last 45 minutes or so with the 6 baits we had just close to home as weather wasn’t letting us get to where I wanted to go further.  Caught several jacks but never had a tarpon bite.  But again bait was hard to it was more of a long shot but we did have good fishing otherwise.  0 for 0

6/10/19 – Well we got lucky late in the afternoon yesterday the bait showed up and I drove back to the marina and was able to catch a good bit with a throw of the cast net.  So today we did get to try a bit more for tarpon.  We started with snook and redfish which was very good we had probably 40 reds and 15 snook, including a couple big snook on our pinfish.  The rain finally cleared and we decided to run further and check an area where we did good with tarpon last week.  We found a good load of them, and middle of the day we ended up catching 5 tarpon and jumped 5 more!  Incredible fishing for just a short hour and a half window.  We caught 2 double headers, and another single and we had 3 other bites while fighting that one we missed – just awesome!  Was able to round a few more baits up this afternoon too, so we’re in better shape on that front.  May give them a try again tomorrow.  5 for 10

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
Instagram: @richardstanczyk
Facebook: Islamorada Tarpon Fishing