6/11/19 + 6/12/19 June Florida Keys Tarpon Fishing

6/11/19 – Banner day with Pride and Cile! We headed out early and had a mixed bag game plan. We killed it yesterday so thankfully it wasn’t a high pressure situation. Cile had really wanted a permit, and I knew we had conditions to make it perhaps worth looking today. But sometimes it’s a lot of running and looking for these fish, so you have to be OK with both catching sometimes and taking that chance. Anyways we started out with tarpon early. Had good luck with that again and they both landed a nice tarpon, I caught 1 too as we had hooked a triple header! We got leader on one more before breaking off and we had a few others throw hooks. After that we decided to give it a go and Pride said he was good with whatever happened so we went cruising. Checked out a spot offshore and it was kind of overcast and we couldnt really see. But low and behold a school of permit swam right to us! We pitched a crab out and Cile was hooked up, and we threw a shrimp at another and it was a double header! We got both fish thankfully. After that though the predators caught on. We had several monster goliath grouper chasing everything we hooked. A couple got eaten, so we tried locking our drags down to prevent it and catch them quicker, but unfortunately this meant we broke a lot more off – but better than letting them get eaten! It was still lots of fun and awesome to see. We also caught a couple nice cobias. Then on the way home we got lucky and found another school of permit, this time all by themselves. We caught another double header, then Pride got to cast and catch one all on his own. Awesome day with awesome people. With the weather staying calm the next few days, fishing should stay pretty good I think!  4 for 7

6/12/19 – Lots of snook, a few reds, and a tarpon for Steve and Rich! Nice 3/4 day.  Was up in the same area I’d been the last few times for tarpon.  Today was different we hooked and caught one right away within 30 seconds… but didn’t get another bite after that.  We did see some fish, but they seemed to stop showing after a bit.  We moved once where we did see a few more, but gave it another 20 minutes there and nothing.  Since we only had a 3/4 day and wanted to get some action fishing in to, we left them after that for the snook and redfish.  Things can change in a hurry in fishing… i’m sure it’ll get good there again though and just have to find the next hot spot for now!  1 for 1

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
Instagram: @richardstanczyk
Facebook: Islamorada Tarpon Fishing