5/9/16 May Tarpon Fishing in Islamorada

Well couldn’t talk my folks into going early today they wanted to do the standard hours.  Anyways we did try a variety of things today though nothing much was really happening across the board.  Several people I talked to were struggling with the water temps dropping into the mid 70s in the middle of May.  We tried for tarpon a little while in town for the first hour but didn’t have much activity.  After that we ran into the backcountry to try more for sharks and tarpon, though didn’t have a sniff after an hour of hard chumming and fishing.  We then tried to bend the light rods a little and caught a trout and a spanish mackerel, gave up on that after a little while longer with not much happening.  Then we did at least get on to some ferocious lemon sharks and caught several of them before just calling it quits around noon on a 3/4 day.  Anyways the guys were happy they were just winding down after a couple long days of offshore fishing, but as I’ve been saying getting out early has been the ticket for catching tarpon consistently right now.  I am part of a large corporate group the next several days so we will be doing a mix of things.  I do have Wednesday evening available and am willing to go later hours (6 to 10) I think it will be very good fishing near sunset and after dark with the falling tide, so if anyone wants to go drop me a line!  0 for 0

Capt. Rick Stanczyk