5/11/16 Everglades Tarpon Fishing in May

Today we weren’t planning on tarpon but we came across them anyways.  We were snook fishing with some live baits and the tarpon were rolling in the canals.  We ended up hooking a couple and getting two to the boat before they broke off and missed a 3rd bite.  Fun with the baby tarpons.  It was a stellar day with snook, trout, snappers, shark, cobia, and tarpon.  2 for 3

Last night we fished locally and it was tough.  We had one crush a crab and pull it off the hook but that was it.  Stayed an extra half hour too but no luck unfortunately.  Gonna mix it up again tomorrow with the corporate group I am still fishing so may tarpon fish a little we will see.  And going late tomorrow night to fish the falling tide at/after dark.  0 for 1

Capt. Rick Stanczyk