7/9/15 July Florida Keys Tarpon Fishing Report

More tarpon fishing today.  Yesterday we did not have time to give it a try but we got my angler several goliath groupers which he was after!  Today I had a 3/4 day.  We caught some bait in the back it was tough again though we managed a couple dozen.  The baits been up on the flats not in the deeper areas where it is usually easier to catch a bunch at once.  Anyways we ran off the beaches and caught the last couple hours of incoming tide.  Did not see much for fish showing, no rollers really just a handful we saw splash.  After several sharks and moving a couple times, we finally hooked up to one nice 75 lber right as the tide started to slow down.  A good battle and we got the leader on him, though unfortunately were not able to get the boatside trophy picture we were after.  That was the only bite we had the tide soon quit and I tried in some channels further west where the tide was still moving for the last 45 minutes but nothing going on there.  Day off tomorrow for some boat service and nothing booked for Saturday at this time though may take some friends fun fishing in the evening.  1 for 1

Capt. Rick Stanczyk