9/22/18 September Tarpon Fishing in the Florida Keys, Islamorada

Got out with Jara and Michael today down from Stuart.  We fished a 3/4 day and got a good early start.  Bait was not as easy as yesterday, but we worked at it and got what we needed.  The tide was bottomed out first thing yesterday whereas today we had to wait an hour for that and by then the sun was up, but we were able to pick at them until that point anyhow.  We found tarpon where we left them yesterday.  Didn’t see as active today as we didn’t see them jumping around, flopping, splashing, as much.  But they were there.  We had to move around a little too.  But Michael got a couple nice ones early one.  Jara had one to the leader that popped off, then later after a move got another one to the hand that didn’t cooperate for a picture, then finally got one that we were careful with that she was able to hold for a picture!  We also got some sharks including a couple big lemons and several blacktips.  Great day of fishing for sure!  I have the next couple of days open, and Wednesday as well.  If anyone wants to go give me a shout I think it’ll stay good!  5 for 10

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
Instagram: @richardstanczyk
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