1/5/15 More winter time tarpon in Islamorada

Gave the tarpon another shot today.  This morning we spent catching mackerel, snapper, ladyfish, and other things on light tackle.  Good action.  After the tide quit around 11 we went and looked for some mullet.  Found the big giant school we’ve seen the last week in the same place.  Caught about a dozen fatty black mullet.  Set up in the channels and put ’em out.  Within 10 minutes we had a big 100 lb tarpon on.  Not much of a jumper but got one nice jump shot out of him.  We landed him and then set back up.  After 20 minutes or so we hooked another smaller fish of 40 lbs or so.  He jumped and put on a good show for a little while but petered out quickly.  We landed him and called it a day.  More great tarpon action in january in the florida keys.  Though looks like wednesday night we have it getting cold for a few nights, so that will likely shut it down.  2 for 2.

Capt. Rick Stanczyk