1/4/15 Florida Keys Tarpon Fishing in January

Well the january florida keys tarpon fishing continues.  Had Dave and his boys again from yesterday.  We had a couple shots that day but the tarpon got the better of us.  Today we tried again.  The morning I fished closer around flamingo with the falling tide.  Not much life only had one shark bite and the water was muddy with lots of grass with the hard southeast wind.  So we went and fished with the light rods for a while and caught plenty of mackerel.  The afternoon when the tide switched things looked much better and found a clean strip of water in one of the channels.  We put baits out and within 15 minutes we jumped a small 20 lb fish, then hooked a big 120 lber.  We caught the big boy then I moved to another channel as it started to rain and lots of grass coming in.  We jumped a couple of tarpon at that spot too, unfortunately didn’t get them.  But a few sharks to end the day.  Great fishing for the month for tarpon in islamorada in january!  1 for 4.

Capt. Rick Stanczyk