Great tarpon for Glen!

April has been decent overall this year for tarpon.  Honeslty not quite as good as last year though not bad.  We’ve just had to work at it a lot of days and some days that leads to banner fishing and some days just a few fish.  But that’s fishing!  We’ve still been having some late cold fronts (though at least not major tempearture drops – just northerly winds) and very windy days, which can make fishing a little more tricky.  I’m hoping May/June is going to be on fire for us but we will see what happens!

Here is a great video of Glen catching his first tarpon he fished with me for 2 days.  We caught several each day though on the first day he wasn’t able to get a ‘face grab’ but on day 2 the first fish of the day cooperated for that!

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
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