6/30/15 June Tarpon Fishing in the Florida Keys

More tarpon action today.  Bait was very difficult this morning luckily I had some leftovers from yesterday.  I could of spent some time scrounging up some but definitely not the ‘1 throw and go’ that I like!  We tried some of the flamingo channels first since we’d be waiting on a tide change out where I’d been fishing in the mornings.  No signs of life though not even a shark bite we fished for a good 30-40 minutes.  After that we ran out to the beaches and set up, just catching the start of the tide.  Sharks were not too bad it was very fishable which was nice as I didn’t have tons and tons of bait.  Eventually the tide got moving and we hooked a nice 75 lb fish Chester caught.  Sharks stayed not so bad and eventually Matts hooked a nice 50 lb fish he landed.  After that we were running a little low on bait and sharks got a little worse.  Though the last bait we had Matts hooked a nice 80 lb tarpon and he landed that one.  Great day one of those where we caught every bite we had.  The boys did well taking direction and pointing the rods at the fish, hooking them with circle hooks.  It was very hot back there the last couple days and we decided to head back in around 12:15 calling it a day!  I’m going out of town myself now for a week or so.  Be back fishing on the 7th of July have a 3/4 day tarpon trip.  See you all then!  3 for 3

Capt. Rick Stanczyk