6/29/15 June Tarpon Fishing in Flamingo continues

Well had a day off yesterday and then Andy with his boys Derek and Conrad again today.  Had some bait leftover from our trip the day before yesterday but we tried to get a few freshies.  They weren’t easy and I was glad we had some to start with.  They were running hard when I got there and one toss we only got 1, then on the other end of the channel a group came out already moving but not super fast.  Was able to get one good toss of about 15 baits, mostly black mullet again.  Anyways we checked some channels and did not see much life it was flat calm to start then we tried off the beach.  Tried one area on the end of the falling tide and did not see much life, a few sharks.  Then we ran where the fish had been the last few days as the tide was starting in.  Did not see anything as far as rolling or busting fish which was funny.  Though we eventually did get a bite we missed and soon after another 90 lber that Conrad hooked and landed again.  A longer 45 minute battle.  We caught plenty of sharks including a big lemon.  After that we kept at the tarpon and tried the channels where we found them the other afternoon.  Though this time it was all lemon sharks.  We caught about half a dozen and it was super hot – i noticed the water temperature was about 92!  Anyways we had about 30 minutes left and we tried another close by channel.  I was counting down the seconds before winding them up when Derek had a bite and as soon as he felt pressure up came about a 50 lb tarpon!  We were very happy and the kids came through ‘clutch’ again!  2 for 3

Capt. Rick Stanczyk