7/7/15 July Tarpon Fishing in Islamorada

Well back from a nice vacation it was good to get away out of the heat for a few days!  Today I was back at it I had Juan, Carlos, and Carlos down from south miami.  We left out around 6:30 a little later than I would’ve liked but it was OK.  Bait was very tough and one of those days the extra 30 minutes could make a big difference.  Anyways we had to hit two areas for bait and managed to scrape together a few dozen.  I went off the mainland areas I’d been fishing before I left and fish were still there.  Saw a few jumping fish and we set up on them and before you know it we jumped a small tarpon.  15 minutes later we hooked a nice 40 lber we caught.  Sharks started to bite us up and we moved a bit further down and nothing but more sharks.  Then I ran another mile or so down and we set up where I’d been fishing the week before on some numbers.  Saw a few tarpon roll right away and we jumped a nice fish quickly.  Another 10 minutes and we had a big 80 lber on that we caught!  Good jumps and fighting out of that one.  A bit later we hooked our final fish another big 70 lber that we fought for a good 45 minutes or so.  After that we had a little under an hour left but things shut off just a few shark bites and that was our day.  Not bad though just coming back.  All 3 anglers got to catch a tarpon that is always a great day! Unfortunately I didn’t get any good jump shots was just an off day for that. Tomorrow goliath grouper is the request though I may give the tarpon a shot we will see!  I do have some openings throughout July it is slowing down a little bit.  The everglades tarpon fishing can be good all the way through August so drop me a line if your interested in going!  3 for 5

Capt. Rick Stanczyk