April tarpon fishing getting going!

Well tarpon fishing is really starting to heat up.  We’ve had quite a few late cold fronts throughout March and every time things have started to get right, it seems to get shut down again.  And unfortunately I must say we have another cold front coming this weekend dropping back into the low 60s so it might slow things down yet again.  But this may bode well for anglers coming later in May/June, as many of the fish haven’t been ‘picked on’ yet so the latter part of the season hopefully will be strong.  The other day fishing was phenomenal we had a banner day releasing 13 tarpon at the bridges.  Today the bite wasn’t quite as hot but we still released 5.  That’s technical releases too as many of the fish you aren’t really able to get rolled over easily for pictures plus there are lots of sharks around trying to eat them so we try to preserve the tarpons life.  Here is a crazy clip of a shark trying to eat our tarpon the other day that we broke off and managed to chase the shark away from the tarpon.

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
Instagram: @richardstanczyk
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