March tarpon heating up!

Well tarpon season seems to be in full swing now getting into mid March.  Late cold fronts in February and even one a couple weeks ago in early March had held off the big droves of tarpon from showing up.  This isn’t always a bad thing though especially for our prime months of April, May, and June.  Sometimes if the fishing gets red hot in February/March it seems like the May/June timeframe sometimes gets tougher.  So hopefully this bodes well for the later ‘prime season’ months.  This past weekend we had a few flat calm days and I figured the tarpon would show up hot & heavy and they did.  I didn’t fish the last couple days but heard good reports.  We got out today and it was very good we went 4 for 4 on tarpon and only spent a couple hours doing it as my guys didn’t want to pull on big critters all day, so we spent the last half of the day catching a good number of snook.  But now we’ll pretty much be in full on tarpon mode the next several months.

I’m pretty much booked up for all of April but I haven’t started booking many May dates yet, only for regulars and customers who are looking to mount a trophy tarpon catch.  If you are in the latter category drop me a line and we can get you in on prime May tarpon dates.  Otherwise I’ll be opening up my May days to new customers at the end of this month.  Otherwise I have Capt. Brandon Storin running my old boat and he’s been doing very well with the tarpon too and he’s taking all the advanced bookings he can get.

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
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